After the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad weekend the media and the Left had, this reminder from Sharyl Attkisson about the grossly incestuous relationship between the media and ‘Deep State’ just really adds insult to injury.

And her point is more than valid:

When Sharyl tweets, the Deep State should listen.

Oh, wait, they did that already.

In some circles, even the perception of having an ethics issue is a big deal.

But eh, let’s not pretend the media cares about ethics.

Correct the record.


But yes, they absolutely have the ability to influence the narrative.

Looking at you, Brennan.

Sounds REALLY familiar.


That’s not what she said.

Sit down.

Alrighty then.

Love it.

Keep watching Sharyl’s timeline folks, this is gonna be GOOD.


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