For months, the Left has lectured the Right on holding David Hogg accountable for his ridiculous takes and statements around gun control after the mass shooting at his high school.

Even though we’re not entirely sure David was even AT school during the tragedy, it seems like since he wants to punish the NRA and all legal gun owners for the acts of one monster the progressive puppet masters love pulling his strings.

So it always amuses us to see them openly attacking another Parkland student because he understands more gun laws won’t stop gun violence.

That being said, watching an elected official go after him was not so amusing.


He’s the one who Tucker Carlson broke on his show last week. You know, the guy who started babbling about how cops shouldn’t be outgunned and then got so upset during the interview he was rocking?

Big tough guy going after a kid.

#D*ckMove Swalwell.

Guess how badly Kyle dunked on Swalwell … just guess.

Silly is putting it nicely.

Did he really just tell a representative to stay woke?



Imagine how absolutely small you have to be as an ELECTED official to go after a Parkland survivor.



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