Is David Hogg working for CNN already?

Oh, we’re just kidding, simmer down.

Admit it, the only person who makes more spelling errors than Trump on Twitter is David … although with this doozy Brian might make his way into the top three.

Granted, some poor slob in the back probably typed this in BUT after watching Brian complain about the president’s spelling errors for days (weeks, months?) this was just too perfect.


This speaks volumes about how shallow they are about covering other people in the media, especially Republicans.

And the president himself.

If only it was remotely funny, right?

We see what you did there.



We’re all so timird these days?

People aren’t timird enough?

*Grammarly is screeching at this editor, true story*

Oh. No. He. Di’nt.

Seems Brian is a giant glass house all to himself.

At this rate, yes.

Our EXACT reaction when we saw this.

And to think, Twitter is still a free website.


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