The latest stunt from the Parkland ‘kids’ was encouraging a die-in at Publix as a means to keep them from donating money to the NRA since, you know, they had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting that took place at their high school three months ago.

Honestly, until these kids start holding the people who were actually at fault in the situation accountable, it’s impossible to take them at all seriously.

Because they are doubling down on the narrative that has made them ‘famous.’

The Left can continue insisting Hogg and the rest really care about stopping gun violence and making this country a safer place, but their antics really just prove it’s about the fame and popularity … there are real and true issues right in front of them in their own community and they still refuse to address it.


Full transparency, this editor was going to include a few of the 95 remarks Twitter says Dana has on her tweet, but when we looked there were only two openly visible and one that said it was hidden for offensive content.

Where are the other 92 comments, Twitter?

Allow us to tighten our tinfoil hat and wonder if for some reason they shut down the comments since she tagged Sheriff Israel and Robert Runcie?



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