Did Jon Favreau and other Lefty rage-harpies epically step in it yesterday or WHAT? Sharing a photo of poor, illegal immigrant children separated from their parents in CAGES … CAGES PEOPLE … only to find out that these atrocities took place when their sweet and loving Obama was president.

We’re not sure what has been more entertaining, watching them expose their bias in such a gross manner OR picking apart their desperate attempts to pretend it shouldn’t matter when these photos were taken, that Trump is still evil or something.

Seriously, it’s like Trump winning the election broke these people.

Especially Jon Favreau who has a history of blaming Trump for Obama’s massive immigration fails:

No wonder he’s working so hard to make it seem that people are just trying to politically dunk on him.

Cute eh? That he’s accusing people of doing the very thing he was just caught trying to do.

Obama boys. *eye roll*

Jon cares so much about these children that he deleted his tweet when he realized it was HIS boss who let this happen.

Jon is claiming he didn’t want inaccurate information out there.


Oh, our sides.


We’re surprised he didn’t say Obama’s cages were roomier than Trump’s.

Well duh.


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