Poor Andrew Kaczynski. Ever since that stunt where he allegedly threatened to expose some guy for making a gif of Trump and CNN he’s had a really hard time getting people to take him seriously.

But then again, he works for CNN so it’s not like we ever really took him all that seriously anyway.

Now he seems to think that Elon Musk is saying the things he has about the media because he just doesn’t understand how media works, and he wants Elon to shadow a reporter from Washington Post, the New York Times, or CNN.


Oh, our sides.

Because nothing screams journalism like doxxing a rando for making a gif.


CNN did this to themselves.

This. ^

How many corrections and retractions have we seen in the traditional media recently so they could be the first to dunk on Trump or the Republicans?

That’s a great idea.

Sorry, not sorry.


Awww, good times.

Reasonable indeed.

But don’t say that out loud, it will bet you blocked and complained about endlessly for hours.

Not that this editor knows that from experience or anything.

An unnamed source close to Andrew tells us he already regrets this tweet.

See how that works?

Right, good luck with THAT.


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