Rep. Eric Swalwell has had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very BAD week, and it all started with his epically EMBARRASSING appearance on Tucker Carlson.

In case you missed it, or want to watch it AGAIN, here ya’ go:

Wow, right?

We haven’t seen someone lose it this badly on Tucker since Kurt Eichenwald; notice how he starts to rock at one point during the interview, sort of like a toddler who isn’t getting his way?

Starting to wonder if this actually may have broken Swalwell because he has been tweeting a whole lotta stupid since the appearance, particularly at the NRA and Dan Bongino. For example, this video seemed to trigger the representative:

Swalwell’s answer was screeching at Tucker that the cops are out-gunned (which is a lie) and then accusing Tucker of not caring about children getting shot. We told you, it was spectacularly bad …

And this tweet in response to Bongino is right up there.

Swalwell, dude, stop when you’re behind.

What a stupid thing to tweet.

And seriously, for us to call that stupid says a lot, we see a LOT OF stupid. Think about it, we cover Chelsea Handler for Pete’s sake!

Do you think Swalwell meant part of his tweet to support the pro-life movement? Heh



What he said.

We also sat in awe watching the interview, and not the good type of awe. More like the, ‘OMG did that really happen, no way that happened’ type of awe.

Swalwell’s solution is banning firearms and making legal gun-owners keep their guns at a gun range or club.


Yeah, he’s not that bright.

We’ll answer for him.

Yes, he does.

And guess who pays for them?


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