Twitter has trolls.

Lots of them.

In other news, water is still wet.

And if said troll tends to lean to the Left Twitter gives them an awful lot of leeway when it comes to breaking their Terms of Service.

Or at least that’s the PERCEPTION they put out there, especially when vile, anti-Semitic trolls are attacking Kyle Kashuv.

It all started here:

She sent this DIRECTLY to him.

Pretty hateful but not anti-Semitic … Cameron Kasky actually spoke up in defense of Kyle with this tweet.

We know, color us shocked.

Ok, props to Cameron for this.

Kyle also called out the adult bullying him with a meme, which sadly led to the anti-Semitic troll hopping into the thread.

All he did was share her tweet, which she quickly deleted (but we snagged it).

Here’s the real trash though:

Really lady?

Let’s face it, Kyle can hold his own with these idiots.

But that didn’t stop Conservative Twitter from stepping in and handing said troll her (his?) a*s.


Sadly no.

This. ^

Trolls are super brave when they can be anonymous.

And yet it’s still there.

As is her account.

So much for Twitter protecting ‘classes’ of people.


Let’s not pretend she cares.

All of this aside (and trust us, there is MUCH  MUCH more we could include) this gals’ response won the thread.


Hang in there, Kyle.


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