Kimberley Strassel has been on FIRE these past few weeks covering and reporting on a story the traditional media has been desperate to bury. And it doesn’t look like she will be letting up anytime soon.

Take for example this SLAM on Clapper about how they were supposedly spying for Trump’s own good because you know, Russia Russia Russia.


Where was the spy for the Clinton campaign? We’ve seen the news that Russians were trying to infiltrate our 2016 election on both sides, so if they really were trying to protect Trump from the Russians, why weren’t they offering that same protection to Hillary?

They’re so full of it, you guys.

We’ve gone from them claiming they didn’t spy, to them claiming they only spied for Trump’s own good, to them NOW claiming it’s not spying but investigating. What was it Comey called it? Confidential Human Resource?

Or you know, a SPY.

And they weren’t trying to help Trump.

Right? If they thought Trump was in danger why wouldn’t they have alerted him?

We know why.

Because they’re LYING.


Someone has to.

What we’ve seen of the Obama administration in these past few months is terrifying … and sadly it sounds like this may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Hold on to your hats, folks.


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