We really wish David Hogg would meet with Kyle Kashuv for lunch, Kyle has invited him so many times we’ve lost count.

And we don’t say that because we want to watch Kyle dunk on David (although at this point that might make us snicker a little), but we think he’d really benefit from talking to someone who has done their homework on gun laws and who seems to have a pretty good grasp of the Constitution.

He needs someone to talk to who isn’t using him to parrot silly Leftist talking points, like this one.



Stop it.

And umm … what’s with that avi?


Oh boy.

David. No.

Gosh, who else was pushing this talking point earlier in the week? CNN? Shannon Watts?

Makes you wonder who is pulling David’s strings.

See? David needs to sit down with Kyle.


Ask a stupid question …


But have you checked Chelsea Handler’s timeline yet, that’s the real question.

15 minutes ticks by quickly.

Those pesky facts.

Sorta like math.

So oppressive.


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