Good news evil white men! The NYT has decided it’s time to start blaming evil white women for Trump …

From The New York Times:

Most white Americans prefer to consign such naked acts of discrimination to a shameful past that we have supposedly overcome. But in light of these recent incidents, it would be more accurate to call the forms of Jim Crow that prevailed in the Northeast in the early- to mid-20th century the cutting edge in technologies of exclusion, a sign of things that were to come.

It will take more than sensitivity-training sessions and the public shaming of racist, hypervigilant white women to dismantle today’s system of segregation. Limiting the power of white people to use the law to act out their vision of a “quality” life that excludes black people is a place to start.

These people.

We like how she wished them a blessed day.

Well, of course, they want to support Hillary’s bizarre and sad claim that white women cost her the election.

Otherwise, she has to accept it was her own fault.

Of course not! Every day is a good day to push their horrible narrative.

And curtain.


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