Seung Min Kim seems a tad defensive about the pushback the media received over the weekend after they pushed a 2014 photo of immigrant children in CAGES as something Trump is doing because he’s a big ol’ racist or something.

They deserved every bit of the pushback they received and then some for that.

But hey, she wanted to make sure everyone knew she covered Obama’s ‘migrant’ issues way back when …

That’s not what people actually accused the media of doing but ok.

The headline reads: W.H. unveils new immigration plan

So hard-hitting, right?

The headline reads: Obama’s foes on border crisis: Dems

Poor Obama.

The headline reads: Dems push for immigration delay

Hrm. Another piece painting Obama as the victim.

Obama’s officials did it … not Obama.



Still not really screeching at Obama for putting children in cages.

Ooooh, they lashed out!


Yeah you silly little people, how dare you question these media greats?

Sure, she may have written more than six, but we’ll bet they were all pretty tame. Nothing like the crap they write about Trump STEALING CHILDREN from their poor, innocent parents at the border and locking them away in cages.

Seems like she spent a good deal of time protecting Obama …

Think she meant to prove our point?


Get outta here.

They don’t get it.

Sad POLITICO is sad.


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