As Twitchy readers know, Ivanka Trump posting a photo of herself with her son on Memorial Day weekend triggered all sorts of hype and stupid from the Left and the media.

OMG how dare the president’s daughter post a lovely photo of herself with one of her children?!


These people.

They are so absolutely buried in their BS and hate that at this point that they are doubling down on doubling down.

Especially Joy Reid.

Now you’d think, after the past couple of months where Joy has claimed time-traveling hackers made her write homophobic slurs on her old blog, she might be a tad bit more careful with what she tweets. Especially considering these so-called ‘missing kids’ are a direct result of Obama’s ‘catch and release’ nonsense.

But no.

We wonder if in a few years she’ll claim the same time-traveling hacker came back to the year 2018 and attacked Ivanka for posting a photo of her son?


Mean girl strikes again.

Short. Sweet. And to the point.

We dig it.

The Leftist media, yup.

They are absolutely sad.

Side note: The comments on this thread are some of the most REPUGNANT we gave seen. People claiming she posted this photo to mock illegal immigrant children, to prove that only white, blonde babies should have a place in this country … some even went so far as to accuse Ivanka of trolling and accusing Trump of trafficking and or killing these children.

All because she posted a photo of herself with her son.

At this rate, Trump will be president forever.


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