You guys remember David Leavitt, right? He’s the ‘freelance writer’ who made disgusting remarks after last year’s Manchester Suicide Bombing during an Ariana Grande concert. In case your memories need to be refreshed you can read it here.

He’s a real charmer, right?

Seems Leavitt thinks he’s some sort of expert on Texas gun laws now.

This might as well say, ‘Retweet if you refuse to do any of your own research and want to believe any and every gun-grabbing narrative you can find.’

That was our exact reaction. Well, that and a lot of eye-rolling and head-shaking.

Told you.

Not in the least.

The answer is he probably did knowingly fabricate all of this and to Vic’s other point, nothing David listed would have stopped the Santa Fe High School gunman.

Scary when people believe disarming innocent, law-abiding, legal gun owners is civil.

Psh, this guy and his evil facts.

What he said.

No dice.

Which is basically who and what David is.

Bad right?

He won’t because he can’t. Odds are he found this BS list on some gun-grabbing harpy site like Moms Demand and got so excited when he saw it he had to tweet.

Just another tweet from another Leftist looking to make a name for himself on the graves of these poor kids.

Note the blue check.


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