Twitter, don’t ever change.

It’s not every day you see someone facepalm in a record-breaking fashion like we did last night when Matt Walton stepped into the ‘Twitter ring’ with Kyle Kashuv to defend poor, sad, confused David Hogg.

Started HERE:

He really doesn’t.

Kyle wasn’t even really being mean, just honest.

Then Matt REALLY stepped in it …


Well, this editor ASKED Matt and while we typically do not include our own tweets in our stories it is an integral part of Matt’s fail.

And he double down.

Oh well, he says.


Because it’s super lighthearted to ask a Parkland student who was actually at the school during the shooting if any of his friends have been shot at.

Right? He’d be better off to admit he was ignorant of who Kyle was than to pretend he thought it would be funny to make a joke about gun violence at the expense of a young man who actually experienced one.



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