It never fails.

Any and every shooting leads to gun-grabbers crawling out of the woodwork looking for ways to disarm legal gun owners because some monster broke the law in the first place and used a firearm to take lives.

They never really talk about what it might take to actually curb gun violence, they just screech loudly about #GunControl, blame the NRA and claim that less guns equal less violence. Of course they miss the part about only legal gun owners giving up their weapons but hey, they have a narrative to push, ya’ know.

They try SO HARD.

You guys remember David right? He’s the one who made a disgusting joke after the Manchester Suicide Bombing last year.

Luckily #2A advocates and gun rights activists were more than happy to take the tag over with facts about the shooting and gun control in general.

He couldn’t legally have a firearm in the first place because that is the law.

Which means he BROKE THE LAW.

But hey, more gun control or something.

Now now, they don’t want to hear that.





Pretty obvious they aren’t exactly in the know when it comes to gun laws in this country.


But of course.

Reports are the gunman stole his father’s guns so this makes better sense than blaming the NRA and demanding Congress pass ANOTHER useless law that will do nothing to stop these shootings.



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