Leavitt has deleted the tweet:

He deleted it NOT because the tweet was abhorrent and horrible but because ‘so many people” asked him too.

You know why he REALLY deleted it, right?

As reports come in from the Manchester area in the U.K. where an ‘explosion’ of some sort was heard at the end of an Ariana Grande concert and with the Manchester police confirming a number of fatalities, David Leavitt (a nobody freelancer who Twitter decided to verify) made tasteless and ugly jokes:

Really dude?

David’s bio says he is a freelancer and lists companies like CBS, AXS, Yahoo and the Examiner; did he think this was a good way to make a name for himself?

We don’t even know how many people are actually dead or why …

Delete your account.

Twitter wasn’t amused:

He may well end up claiming it was.

At the time of this article, the tweets are still up and Leavitt has started whining about all of the notifications he’s getting:

Boo hoo. What did he think would happen?

Oh, and here’s the perfect chaser to this shot:


CBS claims Leavitt does not work for them:

Even though he does have CBS listed in his bio.

CBS Boston also claims he does not work for them:


Also, Leavitt has apologized for the offensive and hurtful tweets …

Ain’t nobody having it though.