We know James Woods was being snarky with this meme, but what makes it particularly ‘savage’ is how close to reality the imagery really is.

Kamala Harris will hate this.


With as much as the Dems have been defending those poor MS-13 gang members who have been known to behead people, this could actually be one of their talking points for the 2018 midterms. Hey, truth in advertising.

It is.

But you know, watching them pretend Trump is the bad guy for calling these animals what they really are … they’ve more than earned it.


Look at those smiles.


Might be a little clunky for a bumper sticker but it could work on a t-shirt; the billboards will probably be EPIC.

Clearly the MS-13 gang member is really just a dreamer.

And they are stronger together.

Or something.

Pathetic ain’t it?


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