Wow NBC, stay classy.

From News Busters:

Thursday morning, Hallie Jackson, NBC’s White House correspondent, acted as if President Donald Trump had just invented political choreography, and that no previous presidential administration or politician has ever engaged in it. Jackson spent an inordinate amount of time describing the President’s greeting of the three U.S. hostages released by North Korea as a “staged production” presented by a “former reality show producer.”

Yes Hallie, it was just reality TV. It wasn’t that the president wanted to greet the freed Americans. He figured there’d be so many people up watching TV at 3:00 a.m. and he wanted to hit that prime viewing window.

*eye roll*

These people.

It’s different when Obama did it, duh.

This is what hope and change look like, folks.

Imagine the dedication to their craft.


Gonna guess no.

But Trump!



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