Trump has had a helluva week, between bringing three American hostages home from North Korea to capturing five top ISIS officials, dude is kicking a*s and taking names.

And in a big way.

Hey, even if you’re not a huge Trump supporter, you have to admit this has been a good week for ‘The Donald.’

Ben Shapiro has figured out his secret though …


We knew it.

Nailed it. And you know how we know he nailed it? The way Obama zombies responded to the thread … holy cow.


Dude, calm down.




You know what, never mind.

You be you.


You know that face you make when someone has a Coexist bumper sticker on their hybrid?

Just made that face.

Man, liberals must be a lot of fun at birthday parties.

We can’t even.

11 in eight years.

Trump brought three home in 18 months.

Oh, and captured five ISIS bad guys.

But hey, whatevs.

Your mom is a dumb tweet.

Psh. Some people are so sensitive.

Truth hurts?


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