As Twitchy readers know, Hillary lackey Philippe Reines tweeted an absolutely disgusting dig about Trump Jr’s wife, Vanessa; it was so disgusting that even Chelsea Clinton called him out for it.


So overnight, Reines sorta apologized for the tweet, and by sorta we mean not really.

He’s just gross.

Deplorable even.

Hillary sure can pick ’em.

Not quite.


Ding ding ding.

There is no fixing this guy, he’s broken. Best just to throw him out and start over.

Uncool status.


He won’t have the nads to call her and apologize, he’s nothing more than some Twitter tough guy looking for cheap points from idiot Liberals who hate anything and everything Trump.


We’re not exactly dealing with a decent man.

When even the Democrats are calling you out, Phil … time to put the Twitter down.


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