Alyssa Milano picked a fight with Dana Loesch …

Hey, no one ever accused her of being the brightest crayon in the box.

It all started here, with Dana posting a strange story about a stalker who had been arrested and who was in possession of 90 pounds of panties. He also happens to look a little like Santa Claus, which is disturbing in its own right.

Now for whatever reason, this tweet got the attention of Alyssa. Note, Dana offered to meet with Alyssa off camera last weekend during the NRA Convention and Alyssa declined; guess she’s more comfortable picking fights on Twitter.

Oh wow.


No no no.

Walk away, Alyssa.

Ok, this is gonna be … bad.

We warned her.

Indeed we do.

If gun-grabbers took even a moment to look through the THOUSANDS of laws around guns already on the books … they’d still complain.

Never mind.


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