Kamala Harris SHOCKED the world yesterday evening when she tweeted that she would be a no vote on Gina Haspel.

Seriously, we feel TOTALLY shocked.

*eye roll*

Watching someone like Kamala talk about ‘our values’ is sort of like watching a cat walk around on its hind legs – it’s just not right.

Let’s not pretend she has clue one about any values, let alone America’s.

To be fair, Kamala would likely oppose anyone Trump wants to be appointed because her only goal at this point is running interference and trying to hurt the president’s agenda. So this really isn’t about Gina or terrorists, this is about Kamala being a sad, predictable, and small politician.

That might actually be her new title.

What she said.

It’s weird seeing her talk about values, right?

Creepy weird even.

Literally, no one is surprised she will vote no. She only tweeted this so she can use it when she campaigns to run for president in two years … we all know she’s running.


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