With the news about Trump bringing home American hostages from North Korea and catching five top ISIS officials, this tweet from Hale Razor seriously wins Twitter.


It sums up both men’s presidencies … perfectly.

And brutally.

The facts speak for themselves, eh Obama?



Sorry, not sorry.

At this point, Trump doesn’t even need to try and to make Obama look bad.

From the New York Times:

Five senior Islamic State officials have been captured, including a top aide to the group’s leader, in a complex cross-border sting carried out by Iraqi and American intelligence, two Iraqi officials said Wednesday.

The three-month operation, which tracked a group of senior Islamic State leaders who had been hiding in Syria and Turkey, represents a significant intelligence victory for the American-led coalition fighting the extremist group and underscores the strengthening relationship between Washington and Baghdad.

Huh, so this is what happens when you don’t bow to our enemies.

Who knew?

Or was it air conditioning that was causing these issues?

HOLY CRAP it’s hard to believe anyone ever bought the BS the Obama administration shoveled out there.

But they did.

Past tense.

What a week for the Trump administration.


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