First and foremost, let this editor say that trying to cover Chris Cuomo’s timeline in ANY way is often a lesson in futility because the man quote-tweets EVERYONE and never actually has a conversation because he’s shaking his Twitter thang for his followers.


Dude, just hit reply once in awhile, there’s no shame in it.

Anyway, from what we can tell, it looks like Chris Cuomo was discussing how Avenatti had the wrong Cohen …

So fake news.


He went on.

Wait, what?

Ok, so he just said that a journalist should have a really good explanation for why something is wrong, but then says the source of the Avenatti isn’t as important as a ‘leaking’ which is fundamental to good journalism.

He does realize he works for CNN, yes?

They are.

Chris says he’s not defensive in an awfully defensive manner …


If Avenatti is indeed a plant he better watch out for Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, this editor is a giant child.


Is that what he’s saying because to be quite honest we can’t tell at this point.


Surely Chris ignored an account with no avi and low follower count.

Oh, guess not, because it supports him.

And there it is, how is there any journo more self-important than Chris Cuomo? Asking for a friend.

Deal with WHAT?

Dude is just a hot mess.


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