Pro-aborts say some horrible stuff.

And it’s not shocking considering they’re advocating for the deaths of innocents for their own convenience … it’s not like they actually have a lot of leeway for saying anything positive. Their whole narrative paints women as weak, selfish, cowards who need the ability to make the unborn pay the greatest price for their bad choices in life.

Seriously, when you think about their movement in those terms it’s not hard to see why they’re just gross in general.

Like this tweet.

No, sorry Danielle, one heartbeat is not more important than another.

We get it, you need to dehumanize the unborn to make it acceptable to kill them but no, this is a stretch even for a pro-abort.

She continued:

She thinks people are debating her on this.

That’s adorable.

You almost wonder if the Nazis had similar talking points.



She is upset because people are telling her that her life isn’t more important that another, and somehow that makes her the victim.

Alrighty then.

If you don’t tweet stupid stuff you won’t have to deal with a ratio.


Wanna see some of the ratio?

Wait, birth control? Evil white male oppressor!

Horrible things even.

Crazy right? She seems pretty heartless to have a heartbeat.


Us too.

Shhh, she’s rolling.

Caring about both heartbeats?!


Silly pro-abort, don’t mess with pro-lifers.


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