When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

That goes DOUBLE for CNN’s April Ryan.

As Twitchy readers know, yesterday April made a ridiculous claim during the presser that Sarah Sanders was ‘blindsided’ about ‘hush money,’ at which point Sanders shut her down. And rightfully so.

The altercation made April SO mad she went on multiple shows last night to complain about it.

It seems she also had a thing or two to say on Twitter, and seriously, JUST FREAKIN’ WOW.

Notice how Athey grabbed screenshots of the back-and-forth because one would assume April would delete tweets where she and the former mayor of Baltimore are laughing about beating up Trump’s press secretary.

It’s like high school.

Here’s the actual tweet back and forth:

So tough.

Sarah knew exactly what she was saying, April was out of line and acting like an unprofessional hack so she had every right to respond the way she did.

And seeing how angry April is, seems Sarah said something right.

Keep in mind, this is the former mayor of Baltimore.

Tells us a lot about that city.

Street fight.

So professional.

But then again, it’s CNN we’re talking about … again.

Then this morning April is trying to take credit for cable shows using a fairly common phrase … Sarah really got in her head.

Maybe April should put the Twitter down for a bit.


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