Forget that there are seriously annoying typos in this tweet from the lame account, NoRA4USA but even worse, they clearly don’t understand anything about how states pass laws, or that the NRA itself is a non-profit that does not in any way sell guns.

Sounds dumb, right?

See for yourself.


We’re starting to question whether or not this account actually speaks English. Seriously.

No, they value the rights of their constituents … you know, the people who elected them.

It seems though that Alyssa Milano doesn’t really get it either.

A. You don’t live in Oklahoma, so it’s none of your damn business.

B. It is ok. The Constitution says so.

C. See both A and B

But guns! Derrr! Trump!

What he said.

Let’s hear it for WYO!

Oh, and if you thought Alyssa’s reaction to the OK gun law was funny, check out her followers:

How is this legal? HA HA HA HA.


Awww, the crying emoji is so powerful here.

^ This is why Trump won and will win again.

Freedom?!! That’s terrifying, right?

These people.

Horrible it putting it nicely.


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