We see a lot of parody accounts on Twitter and we even write about them but THIS … we sorta wish it was a parody.

And unfortunately, it’s not.

From Ellen K. Pao, the former CEO of Reddit:

Huh? Say what?

Ok, so we thought maybe this was a typo at first because we’d never heard the term ‘incels’ before.

Good question, we had to look it up too.

From NPR:

It’s [an] online subculture of young men who feel very frustrated with their sexual and romantic lives. They get together online to kind of talk about this, but the way that they express that isn’t through working through their feelings or talking through their issues. Instead, they move toward a very virulent misogyny, and they spend a lot of their time engaging in really violent ideation about the horrible things that they want to do to women and to sexually successful men.

Incels are really a thing. Huh, who knew?

And we all cringed just a little more.

So is Pao saying that tech companies have a problem with employing men who can’t get laid? Is this real life?!


Whoa boy.

Getting out of the basement goes a long, long way.


‘Ok Bob, we know we shouldn’t ask you this question, but how’s your love life these days?’

Yeah, that’ll go over GREAT.


We hear there are books and movies that go a long way, just sayin’.

Nope, not at all.

And curtain.


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