Awww, the poor media. How do they do it?

Honestly, if this editor rolled her eyes any further back into her head they would probably get stuck there.

They work and they slave, and what thanks do they get?

Five or six stories in a day?! GET OUTTA HERE. Poor Brian … HA!

From The Every Girl:

Put your head down and do the work.

That’s the closest thing to a secret for success NBC Journalist Kristen Welker has to offer. For Kristen, the path from newbie journalist to White House Correspondent for a major news network was paved with hours upon hours of the old-fashioned, unglamorous, blood-sweat-and-tears sort of work — and a hyper-focused, eye-on-the-prize mentality.

These brave warriors, how do they manage?!

We’re positive people who work in blue-collar gigs and those working multiple jobs to put food on the table feel really sorry for these elites who are forced to cover Trump.

Then again, we don’t exactly believe they’re forced to cover five or six stories a day:


‘President Trump may have passed gas in an elevator today, and he didn’t even APOLOGIZE. Full story here.’

‘Melania Trump’s part was slightly off to the side, so clearly, she’s unhappy being married to the president. Full story here.’

It’s almost too easy to make up these ridiculous headlines … and hey, we write a lot of ridiculous headlines.

Don’t look now, Brian, but it seems like a lot of people are calling bullsh*t on your theory there, pal.


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