Thought of the day: feminism is AWFUL.


The sign says nothing of the sort. In fact, all it says is to be kind to one another and instead of being angry at strangers all day, look for the good in them. Seems a pretty positive and uplifting message when so much of what we experience on a day-to-day basis is fairly negative and hateful.

But God forbid strangers be kind.

*eye roll*

Not all of us, doc.

She went on:


And to think, this actually makes sense in her head.

Piers didn’t force this broad or anyone else to make a big deal out of something this menial.

It was a SIGN reminding people to be kind to one another for a change.

Nothing more.

PS: No thanks.

Fair question.

Wait, did Dina just talk down to this gal making a valid point by asking a question?


Careful, she’ll insist you’re sexually harassing her.


Feminists are gonna feminist.


By the way, dear reader, is that a new shirt? You look LOVELY today, even you guys reading.

So there.


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