Marco Rubio was less than impressed with the Politico piece about his walking back criticism of the GOP tax law … and it seemed he blamed an intern for writing it.

Man, interns take a lot of flack.

Low blow from Monica … oh wait.

Calm down, it was just a JOKE.


Ok, fine, this editor will go sit in the corner for a bit. Sheesh.

Admit it, this is the most TWITTER thing, maybe ever.

Right? Why bother, Twitter is won, the Internet is over.

Everyone go home.

We laughed.

It was pretty damn good, even if you agree with Rubio that the Politico piece was suckage; this was a dunk of epic proportions for Twitter.

We’re not sure we’d go as far as to say we’d want to be bff’s with her, but that we are writing about a tweet she wrote 20 years later says a lot about our culture. And that may not exactly be a good thing.


Wonder if in 20 years Stormy Daniels will be on Twitter (or whatever these young people are using then) to slam some senator.



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