Watching Sarah Sanders handle silly reporters like April Ryan during a presser is probably one of our favorite things about the Trump administration. Even if you’re not a fan of Trump himself, watching a strong, conservative woman hold her own when dealing with the vultures in the press is a thing of beauty.

See for yourself:


You know when someone says, ‘With all due respect,’ the arse-kicking is on the way.

In other words, take a seat, April.

Ugh, remember the pecan pie debacle?

And the media wonders why we laugh at them … a lot.

Absolutely a possibility.

Ha! Straight up FIRE.

We love it.

Of course, then April Ryan made a beeline over to CNN to whine about mean ol’ Sarah:

You may not be a dummy in real life, but you sure played one on TV today, April.

Them’s the facts.


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