Kathy Griffin is probably feeling a little left out with all of the hate Michelle Wolf is receiving for her nasty standup at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend. So in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, the so-called comedian who ‘Trump broke’ apparently found the time to flip Jason Miller off at the dinner.

And for some reason, this was a big deal for the crazy woman who held up a bloodied head of the president and cried when people didn’t think it was funny.

The look on April Ryan’s face is the best thing about this picture.

From WaPo:

“Hey, baby,” CNN’s Don Lemon said as he wrapped her in a hug.

“You call me,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told her. “You got a friend.”

“Is that Kathy Griffin?!” April Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, shouted with the shock that accompanies a resurrection.

And, for Griffin, it was open season on any conservative or Trump staffer who walked into her sight line.

“Jason, get over here!” Griffin shouted to Jason Miller, a former Trump spokesman, while displaying her middle finger.

If there was EVER a more desperate plea for attention we’d be hard-pressed to find it.

How pathetic is THIS?

That they think this was some sort of battle with Trump tells us everything we need to know about how sad these folks’ lives really may be.


It’s literally all she knows.

And here we thought the young men who stormed the beach at Normandy were brave.



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