Leave it to fellow mean girl Brian Stelter to defend Michelle Wolf, even calling her brave for attacking the way Sarah Sanders looks. And right after he spent nearly an entire week complaining that Republicans don’t trust the media and calling them an infection.

He’s two for two.

From Vulture.com:

Neither of these jokes are about Sanders’s appearance. The first one suggests that, like the character Ann Dowd plays on the Hulu series based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, Sanders acts as a complicit oppressor on behalf of an authoritarian government. The other joke riffs on a Maybelline slogan to highlight the fact that Sanders lies to the American people on a regular basis on behalf of her boss. You can be offended by either of these insinuations, but at least be offended by what Wolf actually insinuated.

Their desperation to protect Wolf is actually way funnier than any of her bits at the WHCD.

And Brian wonders why we don’t trust the media? Ha!

We are not defending this, Brian is.

Hilarious, right?

This IS CNN.

Bingo. The Left keeps pretending it’s ok that Wolf was so nasty to Sarah because Trump says inappropriate things … neither are ok.

And here we thought it was the media who are the true heroes.

These people.


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