Color us NOT surprised that Jimmy Kimmel came out to defend Michelle Wolf and her crap performance at the WHCD.

Color us somewhat surprised that he was called out for this from both sides of the aisle in what we think is a fairly serious as*-kicking.

Awww, because people actually took issue with Wolf being mean and not funny, the guy whose entire schtick relies on being mean and not funny defended her. That being said, a juggler would be far more entertaining than either Wolf or Kimmel, but we digress.

He’s so edgy calling out the media … heh.


But she’s right, he wouldn’t find that the least bit hilarious. It’s only funny when it’s someone getting attacked who he doesn’t agree with politically.

Sad and mean.

That is all that’s left of the … Left.

Then that would be Jimmy Kimmel.

It’s not about being funny anymore, it’s about seeing how mean and edgy you can be when taking cheap political shots at people you disagree with.

In other words, Jimmy Kimmel’s entire act.


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