As Twitchy reported, Michelle Wolf said some pretty horrible and unfunny things about Sarah Sanders at the lame White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night and from we can tell from her equally lame tweets when people called her out, she’s not overly sorry she bullied Trump’s press secretary.

Liberals, right?

Welp, seems The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern had someone else in mind to blame for the way Wolf treated Sanders:

Sure, blame Sarah. Seems TOTALLY legit.

What. A. Dbag.

Talk about blaming the victim … what’s next, will he tell us Sarah’s dress was too short?

Pretty damn ugly.


Could be the mantra of the Left these days.

Psh, silly, we’re not supposed to ask jounos for evidence with their reporting.

Lefties think misogyny is fine as long as it’s a conservative woman they’re attacking.

Eh, the year is still fairly new, and Chelsea Handler tweets a lot, but top 25 easily

We couldn’t have said it any better.


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