Yesterday Joy Reid made an apology for blog posts she still wants us to believe she doesn’t think she actually wrote, and of course, the Left was right there like good little lapdogs eating it all up and pretending Reid hadn’t just served up a ginormous sh*t sandwich.

They probably asked for seconds.

But none were quite as obnoxious in their fawning over the apology that really wasn’t an apology as Rachel Maddow:

Beloved Joy? A treasure?


We’re gonna call BS on this one, but not quite as well as James Woods did:


Or would this be more of a Russia thing? No?

Psh, the resisting stuff is all so hard to keep straight.


It’s good to be a liberal. *eye roll*

To be fair, a six-year-old would have probably given a more believable apology.


We didn’t say it.

We laughed and included it, but nope, didn’t say it.


As if there would ever be a conservative colleague at MSNBC, but not an unfair point.

Psh, it’s easy to fool the Left.

The Clinton’s have been doing it for decades.


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