A few days ago, Twitchy covered New York City Councilman, Justin Brannan, for bragging about harassing members of the NRA so badly they had been ‘chased underground.’ He seriously thinks berating Americans who are trying to peaceably assemble is a good thing.

What a jackas*, right?

Said jackas* was called out a good deal, rightfully so. And that seemed to upset his delicate sensibilities …

Dude, you didn’t call anyone out. You bragged as an elected official that you were able to bully people into hiding because you disagree with their politics. Using authority to trample on our rights is what a fascist would do. Sorry, not sorry.

His constituents get the government they deserve.

He did turn tail and start crying about being the victim pretty quickly.


That. ^

He can’t acknowledge that what he did was actually pretty eff’d up, so he’ll pretend he was bullied … but it looks like nobody who really matters is buying it.


It’s what progressives do.

Fascist is as fascist does.



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