It certainly seems to be raining down a whole lot of awful all over so-called comedian Michelle Wolf’s head. And if she hadn’t said such appalling and gross things during the White House Correspondent’s Dinner we might feel sorry for her … ok, probably not.

The reality is Wolf not only bullied Sarah Sanders for the way she looks, but she also made hugely gross ‘jokes’ about abortion, and to top it off, she wasn’t even funny.

C’mon, when Mike Brzezkinski is calling you out?

The WHCA released a statement saying the performance wasn’t in the ‘spirit of the mission,’ whatever that means. But still no apology from Wolf, who is now blaming members of the media for calling her out on her comments attacking Sarah’s looks because that somehow makes the comment about Sarah’s looks?


Gotta love it.

No one made this about Sarah’s looks but you, Michelle.

We don’t recall anyone making jokes about the Josh Earnest looked, makeup or not.

Because women who ‘stray’ from the Democratic agenda must be destroyed. Duh.

All of this aside, anyone else sort of enjoying the media setting itself up to fail this time? The WHCA booked Wolf, they likely had to approve her content and NOW the comedian they booked who is taking heat for said content is putting the blame back on them.



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