For the past couple of weeks, two odd blue-check trolls from Canada (this sounds like a really dumb joke, but bear with us) have been stalking Ben Shapiro’s feed and shrieking at him about a Canadian gunman who killed six people in a mosque last year, literally blaming him for the incident.

These two also threatened to sue the editor writing this piece for writing about one of them for using his own tweets.

Hey, we said they were blue-checks, we didn’t say they were overly bright.

Anyway, one of these two ‘gents’ is Vic Berger IV, who has not only been stalking Ben but anyone he engages with or who retweets him, like @neontaster:

Welp, we’d show you what Vic said in response BUT his account went poof.

Aww yes, satirical brilliance. Jim may be onto something here, considering both of these yahoos have ‘played’ people in the past on social media by this sort of creepy trolling for attention.

But hey, weirdo is gonna weirdo, right?

Yes. Yes, it is.

HA. Is that you Kurt?! It’s ok, you can tell us.

We have written about some seriously stupid things in the past considering we cover Twitter, but this is definitely in the top 10 of the past year (which says a lot since we follow and write about Chelsea Handler, right?).

Unless he means deleting his account, we’re not sure.

Trust us, you’re not missing much.


But still, we laughed.

— Update —

Would appear ol’ Vic is back on Twitter, wonder if he read our story?


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