Alfie Evans is a 23-month-old little boy who is slowly being killed by a British hospital. He’s not dying, in fact, he could indeed go on living with the proper supports, but Alder Hey and the British government have decided that his life is not worth saving so they are slowly starving and withholding water from him pretending this in some way is dying with dignity.

In our worst nightmares, we can’t imagine the horror and the pain Alfie’s family must be in knowing they can do nothing to help their own child because the government says no. This is socialized medicine folks, and there is simply no way to sugarcoat what is happening here.

And Ben Shapiro didn’t hold back:

We imagine if they could actually ask Alfie he’d rather live than ‘die with dignity.’

Clearly they are wrong in their diagnosis of his longevity but instead of helping this baby they are circling the wagons to protect themselves and their gross system of socialized medicine.

Many seem to even be defending it, which is beyond loathsome.

Poor Alfie’s story should terrify each and every parent on this planet, watching a government justify the death of your child and literally keeping you from protecting them.

Yeah, they’re more concerned about policing and even jailing people who are angry about the hospital’s actions than they are this baby’s life.

Tells us everything we need to know.


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