Take a look at these brave folks who run INTO burning buildings to save people.


Oh, well Variety wants us all to know how heroic these journalists are for covering the Trump administration.

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh, it’s hilarious.


Save us, Jim Acosta, you’re our only hope!


Reminder, the media did this to themselves.

Oh boo hoo … someone get these people some tissue and a glass of ‘suck it up’ juice.

That being said, one brilliant photo came from this ridiculous story:

What’s with the socks?

And sorry but the way he’s sitting …

Seriously. How rude.

‘Jim, look thoughtful. No, thoughtful. Like you have something on your mind. Ok, you know what, just take the picture.’

Seriously edgy and fun, just like Acosta himself.

Stop it.



We think it looks like Acosta smelled a fart but this works too.


We’ll see a tweet from Acosta complaining that he gets ignored in his new seat and Sanders never takes his questions.

This looks like a really bad ‘spread’ for a shoot-off of Lands’ End and Men’s Warehouse.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a yummy cup of hot chocolate held by a guy in pajamas who wants to lecture us on healthcare?

Wait, never mind.


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