Liberals have completely lost their minds in the past few days (more so than usual) since Kanye West came out in support of not only Candace Owens, but Donald Trump himself. It’s as if they believe they own each and every minority voice out there, especially those belonging to the rich, influential ones like Kanye, so when he broke their precious mold they lost their shiznit.

And since Kanye came forward, other black Conservatives have been speaking out, like Chance the Rapper … but we were most impressed with this tweet from a black, Conservative woman who Twitter has not deemed important enough for their precious blue check.

This tweet is exceptional.

Truly a disgusting tweet from the ‘tolerant’ Lefty.

Funny how some white woman thinks she can put a black woman down because she doesn’t follow along with her progressive agenda.

We see this a lot on the Left.

That’s because the Left thinks they own majorities.

And women.

And the gay community.





We’re so glad she grabbed a screenshot so we could share it.

Yay Twitter!


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