Huh, seems Alyssa has switched gears from her progressive handbook and is tweeting about the non-existent Muslim ban now.


There. Is. No. Muslim. Ban.

And really, the ACLU? Heh.

Give us a break.

The ban itself is about countries who have produced a good many terrorists that don’t have adequate ways or means to know the backgrounds of their people. This is not about a faith but a lack of security, nothing more.

Plus how quickly the Left forgets where the original list of countries to include in the ban came from:


For some reason, this really made this editor laugh. Sort of like, ‘Yeah you’re stupid but whatevs.’

Ya’ think?

What he said.

Psh, how dare you bring up facts when she’s busy being a slacktivist on Twitter?!

So … you’re dumb.



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