In yet another example of the Left losing its shiznit over Kanye coming out in support of Trump and some of his ideas (we saw your tweet, Kim, we hear you!), The Root shared a seriously pathetic and fairly racist piece about how Kanye doesn’t care about black people.


Apparently, when he agreed with them, he used to.

But not now.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write this nonsense, we’re just making fun of it.


From The Root:

Intent doesn’t matter as much as action and effect. And Kanye’s recent actions have shown, in a clear and unambiguous fashion, that he doesn’t care about black people. Black people who have supported him and amplified him and even shielded him from and defended him against the type of people he’s aligning himself with. Black people who watched him grow from the person with the name we didn’t quite know how to pronounce who kept getting production credits on Jay-Z and Cam’Ron tracks to arguably the most important person in hip-hop. Black people who made him.


So is this writer implying that Kanye owes the ‘black community’ so he can’t support Trump? Basically saying that all black people must think one way?

This is a seriously jacked-up way to think about politics.

And if they don’t do what they’re told they don’t care about black people.

Or something.


Ugly stuff.

Ding ding ding.

That is literally the Left’s mantra.


And doing it in front of the whole world.

Way to go, The Root.

We see you.


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