Huh, things aren’t looking so hot for Joy Reid.

Shucky darn, right?

Notice how The Hill shared this piece but left out most of the important pieces of the actual story.

See for yourself.

From The Hill:

The Daily Beast is “going to hit pause” on Joy Reid’s columns while its reporters investigate the MSNBC host’s claims that her old blog was hacked and that homophobic comments found on it were “fabricated.”

“Reid claims that she was hacked, that new blog posts aren’t really hers,” said Noah Shachtman, the publication’s executive editor, in a note to Daily Beast staff on Wednesday.

“Kevin Poulsen — our top cybersecurity reporter and a no-shit authority in the field — is investigating those claims. Our media reporter Max Tani is examining Reid’s history, in part to see if the tone of her alleged blog posts matches the tone she took offline at the time.”

So when do David Hogg and the mob start boycotting Joy and her sponsors? Asking for a friend.



Tough crowd.


We agree.



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