Funny how the media seems to conveniently ignore stories where a good guy with a gun actually saves the day from a bad guy with a gun. They couldn’t be pushing some sort of progressive, gun-grabbing narrative by only reporting stories that fit said narrative, right?


Because they missed THIS Waffle House shooting story … go figure:

From TownHall:

This unnamed, law-abiding, armed customer thwarted an armed robbery in progress — and possibly saved lives — by exercising his rights.  This incident will be recorded as one of the many annual instances (between 100,000 on the extreme low end, to 2.5 million on the higher end) of Americans defending themselves or their property with firearms.  And as extraordinary and special as Mr. Shaw’s actions were, what are the chances the Louisiana crime, with two armed perpetrators, could have been stopped by a single unarmed man?

Pretty damn cool.

And pretty damn ignored by the media.

Who knew Waffle Houses were such hotbeds of activity?


Guns by far save more lives than they take.

But #NeverAgain or something.


The good guy had a gun this time around, and the media can’t stand that.


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