Earlier this morning, news broke about a group of black women who were reported to the police for playing a round of golf too slowly.

From the AP:

A golf club in Pennsylvania has apologized for calling police on a group of black women after the co-owner and his father said they were playing too slowly and refused requests to leave the course.

“I felt we were discriminated against,” one of the women, Myneca Ojo, told the York Daily Record. “It was a horrific experience.”

Sandra Thompson and four friends met up Saturday to play a round of golf at the Grandview Golf Club, where they are all members, she told the newspaper.

At the second hole, a white man whose son co-owns the club came up to them twice to complain that they weren’t keeping up with the pace of play. Thompson, an attorney and the head of the York chapter of the NAACP, told the newspaper it was untrue.

Another Starbucks-style outrage piece. Yippee.

John Legend thought that this was somehow the appropriate time however to make a statement on how police officers shoot black people for no reason.


Tomi Lahren took issue with Legend’s tweet vilifying the police:


But narrative, something something.

Is this the part where we blame Trump?


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