In other news, a small group of morons burned a swastika after a rally in Georgia over the weekend … because they’re morons.

All 24 of them.


Let’s give attention to a couple dozen haters because it supports our silly narrative that says America is full of Nazis with Trump as president, right?

From Time:

Neo-Nazis held a swastika burning following a white supremacist rally in the city of Newnan, Georgia, on Saturday.

Photographer Spencer Platt captured the scene for Getty Images. His pictures show a massing burning swastika and an othala rune – a pagan symbol that was used by some elements of the Third Reich.

One image shows dozens of people giving Nazi salutes in front of a burning swastika that appears to be 12 to 18 feet tall.


Roughly 24 -36 people.

And Time and the Left gave them attention … sad right?

Speaking of sad, check out Howard Dean’s repugnant response:


There’s a reason you couldn’t win your primary.


The Reagan Battalion was less than impressed.

Get him, RB!

And true story, The Reagan Battalion account is far, far, far from a Trump supporter so for them to call Dean out you KNOW it’s bad.

Most neo-Nazis aren’t conservative anyway, the majority of them are anarchists but hey, narrative, right Howie?

It seems a hobby for him.

Smooth move, Howie.

At this rate, Trump is going to be president forever.


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